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Russell Landscape, LLC 

Privacy Policy and Terms of Use 


Russell Landscape, LLC Privacy Policy


Russell Landscape (“Russell,” “us” or “we”) believe protecting the privacy of our clients, customers, and business partners' personal information is important. When using this website, you may provide us with personal information, and by using this website, you hereby agree to the following terms and conditions of this Policy. You will find specifics of this agreement in the following text, which provides a general understanding of the information we may collect and what we may do with that information. 


These policies only apply to any information collected as a result of the use of this site. By using this site, you agree to Russell’s use of your personal information as it pertains to what is outlined in this Policy. Please understand that Russell Landscape reserves the right to change or update the terms and conditions found within this Policy at our discretion. Any changes or updates made are effective from the time they are posted on the website. Your continued use of the website shall reflect your understanding and acceptance of the most current Privacy Policy. 


Information Collection


Russell Landscape collects information that you provide when you fill out and submit a form on the website. Some of this information may be considered Personal Information. Personal Information identifies someone as an individual, such as names, physical addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and company or organization names. 


We will likely collect and retain the following details which, in some cases, contain personal information: 

any information you enter or submit to Russell Landscape through this website,

any information automatically provided to Russell Landscape servers. 


Before submitting any personal information via this site, please take the time to read and understand and accept our Policy. An important note to international users of our site. This Policy applies only to users in the United States and US Territories. Please consult applicable local laws on the use of personal information submitted online. 


How Russell Landscape May Use Your Information


We believe it to be of the utmost importance that users understand how Russell Landscape may use personal information. We may use your personal information to:

send you any information you may have requested via a form submission,

gather non-specific demographic data,

send email updates from time to time about Russell Landscape,

to address internal hardware issues or security threats to Russell Landscape servers. 


In addition to the above, Russell Landscape may use personal information to:


monitor the website's performance and collect data about traffic sources, time spent on each page of the site, and record clicks on links coded into the site. 

This information is used to analyze where users are accessing the site geographically. This helps Russell Landscape mediate and thwart fraudulent activity carried out against Russell Landscape or via Russell Landscape’s online properties. This information will not be linked to personally-identifying information.



Sharing Your Personal Information 


Russell Landscape, in certain circumstances, may share personal information collected via this website. Your information will never be sold or exchanged. The following are circumstances in which your information may be disclosed:

Cooperative Business Partners and/or Organizations - in the event Russell Landscape contracts with another service or product provider to maintain or repair our website, website database, or servers, some or all of your personal information submitted through the website may be shared. Russell Landscape will ensure that all service providers honor the Russell Landscape Privacy Policy. 

Law Enforcement - if Russell Landscape is contacted by a law enforcement organization and personal information is requested, Russell Landscape will comply with those requests. Russell Landscape may also share personal information with law enforcement officials if, at any time, the safety or security of any Russell Landscape officer, employee, or client is in jeopardy.  

Courts - if a court of law subpoenas personal information, Russell Landscape will comply wholly with those requests in turning over personal information. 


Some non-identifying information may be shared with outside organizations or companies.




Russell Landscape may employ cookies - both persistent and session on your computer, tablet, or mobile device to enhance your experience on our website. Please consult your cookies settings and preferences in your browser settings section or check with your internet service provider for additional details about cookies and privacy. 


Behavior Tracking 


To increase our website's effectiveness and ensure a desirable user experience, we may track how and when you navigate our site. This information contains no personally identifying information and allows Russell Landscape to continue to enhance our web presence and user experience. 


COPPA - Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act


In 1998 Congress enacted the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, and Russell Landscape, without exception, abides by the provided therein. We will immediately and permanently delete any data collected from users under the age of 13 as soon as we know the instance. Russell Landscape will not knowingly solicit or request personal information from users under the age of 13. 



Questions, Comments, Concerns About the Privacy Policy


If at any time you have any questions, comments, or concerns about the Privacy Policy, please contact Russell Landscape using the following information:


Russell Landscape 

4300 Woodward Way

Sugar Hill, GA 30518

Phone: 770-446-3552 




Russell Landscape Terms of Service - rev. September 2020




Please be aware these terms may be altered or amended at any time. We encourage you to check these terms and conditions often. When changes are made to these terms and conditions, a bulletin will be posted conspicuously on the home page of and All modifications are effective immediately upon publishing. All users are bound to comply with the Terms of Service found herein. 


Use of Site - visitors are not required to register to use this site. Some material may not be available to users who are not registers. Users are responsible for any personal information submitted through this site. 

Intellectual Property Rights - all text, images, logos, data, trademarks, copyrights, and digital material appearing on this website are the sole property of Russell Landscape and may not be re-posted or recreated without expressed written consent of an authorized agent of Russell Landscape.

Limitations of Use - no user shall use this site for any illegal purposes. No user is permitted to use any part of this website for personal or professional gain. No hardcopies or digital downloads may be made of this site in part or its entirety for any use without expressed written consent fro man authorized agent of Russell Landscape. 

DMCANACI - Digital Millennium Copyright Act Notification of Alleged Copyright Infringement. Russell Landscape wholeheartedly believes in protecting the ownership rights of intellectual property. Please notify us immediately if Russell Landscape has unknowingly violated the ownership rights of any images, texts, or other digital properties via email at All notifications will receive prompt action. 

Disclaimers - Russell Landscape will not be held liable for any loss, damages, or claims due to the use of this website in any way. 

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